Friday, June 27, 2008


Let's put it into context, tonight's debacle is nothing worth crying over. There is much worse taking place on this Earth: Wars, people starving, SUVs and trucks on the road with a single person inside, idiots breathing and wasting resources, and countless many more important issues!

Enough said! I made these, please feel free to save them, distribute them around the web, use them as inspiration to do better ones! IT'S TIME FOR KEVIN MCHALE TO GO AWAY AND NOT REAPPEAR IN BROAD DAYLIGHT EVER AGAIN!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Here is my 2008 Mock Draft that was never fully completed, thus is was never going to be posted. However i find my self in a giving mood even as the holidays wind down, so enjoy my unfinished posts of 2008.

Its a fairly good Mock Draft if I do say so myself. However I would like to refrain anyone from trying to predict trades when putting together their own Mock Draft because trades are to unpredictable and it just takes one small tweak to make a mess of your Mock Draft.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Wolves Logo

With the teams new identity in the post KG era the team has decided to go with a new look as well. So this Thursday the team will reveal the new alternate logo for the Timberwolves that will appear on the draft cap that OJ Mayo will wear when his name is called as the third pick.

Here it is:

While I like this fresh new logo, I felt it was missing something so I mixed a little Old School flavor added some contemporary things and i was left with something i think all Wolves fans can enjoy. (FYI I don't have photo shop so it isn't the cleanest looking edit but it defiantly turned out good)

Here it is:

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It took 13 seasons for Da Kid who had the heart of a champion to grow into the person and player who will forever be remembered as Kevin Garnett the "NBA CHAMPION".

The great thing about watching KG on his way to becoming an NBA Champion was witnessing how he always played the game so passionately. A passion that he brought into the league as a rail thin rookie (yet for some reason he has been listed at 220 lbs. his whole career, go figure) playing for the Timberwolves. This passion continued to grow in part of KG being a dedicated student of the game and also through the drive he found in watching his friends and peers (Kobe, Duncan, & Billups) making it to the finals and leaving with the Larry O'Brian Trophy.

Of his 13 seasons in the league, 12 of them were in his beloved Sota (in reference to Minnesota). In those 12 years he made a very visible impact on basketball fans and non-fans alike. Garnett's Most memorable year in Sota would no doubt be the year he led the team to the Western Conference finals along with Sam Cassell and Latrell Sprewell. The three stars were called the "Three Headed Monster" yet unfortunately the Monster was slain by a Lakers team that had its own share of star-power in O'Neal, Bryant, Malone, & Payton (although I think 1/3 of the monster had already been cut down before the series even started as Cassell had come up gimp from the Sacramento series).

Unfortunately that would be the last season KG would make it to the playoffs as a Timberwolf, and before the start of the 07-08 season KG was traded to the Celtics were his arrival was being awaited by two other All-Star players Paul Pierce & Ray Allen. The three would soon be famously nicknamed "The Boston 3Party" from one of ESPN's clever Sportscenter commercials. The Boston 3Party would later go on to dominate the 07-08 regular season, followed by an intense playoff run that culminated into KG's first NBA championship.

Following their final's win as all of the Celtics were at center court celebrating, while KG was giving an interview and during the interview KG dedicated his championship to the fans in Minnesota by saying "this for everybody in Sota"

So obviously KG has love for Sota and he knows that Minnesota still does and will always have love for KG!

So to celebrate KG's Championship please show your love by responding with at least three of your favorite KG plays, games, or moments.

Here are mine:

1. Watching KG win his first championship

2. The 03-04 playoff run

3. Having season tickets during his last season as a Timberwolf

4.Being at the game when he got his MVP trophy

5. Too many more to list

Monday, April 28, 2008

DeSean Jackson Burning the Gophers Video

This TD play gave us a good laugh on NFL Draft Day. It was retarded by ESPN to show that as any 5 year-old can burn the Gophers horrible defense

DeSean Jackson runs a simple go route. This is usually easily defended by having the corner run with the receiver and the safety providing help over the top and this is one of the very first play you learn in pop warner youth football. Desi Steib (The worst cornerback to ever soil a Gopher uniform) breaks his ankles and runs around like a decapitated chicken even though Jackson does absolutely nothing. Strong Safety Duran Cooley can't believe how much Steib sucks but his 5.39 40-time is not enough for him to catch up to the play.

Conclusion: This play doesn't show anything about DeSean Jackson, only that the Gophers 2007 Defense is the worst in school history. Oh and Steib sucks so good thing he is graduating

Dom Barber to Houston!

Congrats to Dominique Barber!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

TcH3rNo's Final Mock Draft

1. Miami Dolphins - Jake Long, Michigan, OT
Done Deal
2. St. Louis Rams - Chris Long, Virginia, DE
St Louis will prefer the high motor guy
3. Atlanta Falcons - Glenn Dorsey, LSU, DT
Atlanta will draft the new anchor of their defensive line
4. Oakland Raiders - Darren McFadden*, Arkansas, RB
Al Davis cannot pass on McFadden even though he has more pressing needs
5. Kansas City Chiefs - Ryan Clady, Boise State, OT
Kansas City address their woeful tackle situation as expected
6. New York Jets - Vernon Gholston*, Ohio State, DE
The Jets draft Gholston, one of the most impressive athlete of this year's draft
7. New England Patriots (SF) - Leodis McKelvin, Troy, CB
The Pats have to draft McKelvin to fill the void left by Asante Samuel departure to Philly
8. Baltimore Ravens - Matt Ryan, BC, QB
The Ravens are ecstatic that they can select their new franchise QB
9. Cincinnati Bengals - Sedrick Ellis, USC, DT
The Bengals draft the talented Ellis, after their trade for DeWayne Robertson fell apart
10. New Orleans Saints - Keith Rivers, USC, OLB
The Saints draft Rivers, an impressive player who will revamp their defensive front 7
11. Buffalo Bills - Mike Jenkins, South Florida, CB
The Bills get their first #1 corner since Nate Clements departure
12. Denver Broncos - Branden Albert, Virginia, OG
Albert will fit right into Denver's aging offensive line
13. Carolina Panthers -Derrick Harvey, Florida, DE
The worst kept secret of this draft
14. Chicago Bears - Jonathan Stewart, Oregon, RB
#1 back on their board. Cedric Benson experiment was a failure
15. Detroit Lions - Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois, RB
Will boost the Lions perennially anemic running game
16. Arizona Cardinals - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tennessee State, CB
DRC has great upside but is not as high on most teams board as the media would make you believe
17. Kansas City Chiefs - Phillip Merling, Clemson, DE
Will try to replace some of Jared Allen's production opposite Tamba Hali
18. Houston Texans - Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt
The Texans need a running back but the top 3 backs are gone so they are happy to draft Williams, a promising tackle
19. Philadelphia Eagles - Kenny Phillips, Miami (FL), FS
Brian Dawkins has lost a step or seven the last couple years, Phillips will be able to play alongside him and eventually replace one of the best safety of his time, B-DAWK
20. Tampa Bay Bucs - Devin Thomas, Michigan State, WR
Ike Hilliard and Joey Galloway are not getting younger and Michael Clayton has been mysteriously missing in action since his explosive rookie season. Devin Thomas is fast, strong, and an enigmatic prospect
21. Washington Redskins - Limas Sweed, Texas, WR
The Redskins provide Campbell with a big target
22. Dallas Cowboys (CLE)- Antoine Cason, Arizona, CB
Cowboys have been highly interested in drafting Cason, and I expect them to do so if he is availabe at #22 or even #28. Cason is very UNDERRATED
23. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh, OT
Steelers add the big and somewhat slow footed Otah to their O-line
24. Tennessee Titans - Jerod Mayo, Tennessee, LB
Mayo is a very good prospect at LB and should start immediately for the Titans behind a very good D-line
25. Seattle Seahawks - Brian Brohm, Louisville, QB
Brohm will be able to learn behind Hasselbeck for a couple years and this is an ideal situation for him
26. Jacksonville Jaguars - Quentin Groves, Auburn, DE
Jaguars address their pass rushing need with the speedy end from Auburn
27. San Diego Chargers - Gosder Cherilius, BC, OT
Cherilius will provide starting competition and depth for the Chargers O-line
28. Dallas Cowboys - Felix Jones, Arkansas, RB
Cowboys will draft Jones if they can't get their hands on McFadden. He is used to sharing the workload with a superstar
29. San Francisco 49ers (IND)- DeSean Jackson, California, WR
49ers will be ecstatic to bring in the exciting player from the University of California - Berkeley. He will bring playmaking ability to a team starving for big plays
30. Green Bay Packers - Reggie Smith, Oklahoma, CB/S
The Packers will hit two birds with one stone by drafting Smith who can play both safety and corner. He will be able to play as the nickel corner as well as provide competition next to S Nick Collins.
31. New England Patriots - (forfeit) Cheaters
32. New York Giants - Curtis Lofton, Oklahoma, LB
Lofton will make an instant impact for the Giants, he is a tackling machine.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This Offseason Bengals WR Chad Johnson has made it well know to both the fans and the media that he would like to be traded. Chad has practically been appearing on every media outlet in the past couple of months, trying to justify his trade demand.

Chad believes that the Bengals franchise is not serious about winning and he has also said in many reports that he is sick of people trying to put the blame on him. Their are some people within the franchise and in the media that find his in game antics are a distraction while I on the other hand find them humerus and entertaining.

Lets also not forget about the Cincinnati "Behind Bars "Bengals, for those who don't know Cinci has had 10 players arrested in a 14 month span. Recently Bengals WR Chris Henry was arrested earlier his month which was his fifth arrest while being a member of the Bengals. So you tell me is a player who is the face of your franchise performing funny TD celebrations in the end zone that appear on Sports Center more distracting for a team both inside and outside the locker room or is it the 10 guys in handcuffs. If you ask me its got to be embarrassing to be a Bengals fan. I mean how is it that their management is so bad at judging character? Do they hold some secretive yearly prison yard draft?? if so I guess Micheal Vick would be eligible this year.

On Wednesday Chad came out sounding more serious then ever about being traded by saying "I want to be traded before the draft, and if that doesn't happen, I want to be traded as soon as possible," followed by saying "I don't intend on reporting to anything.''

As upfront as Chad has been about being traded, so has his coach Marvin Lewis along with the Bengals organization in stating that they have no comment about Chad other then that they have no intent on trading him. Also if they were to trade Ocho Cinco they would have to take an $8 million salary cap hit for the upcoming season as well as winding up looking anorexic on their WR depth chart.

If Chad were to get his wish and be traded before next weekends NFL Draft, than I think the best teams for him to end up with would be the Titans or the Eagles. Both teams have Pro-Bowl QBs (Young & McNabb), both are still looking for a #1 option at WR, and both are expected to target a WR in the 1st round of the draft. So why gamble on project RC WRs like Devin Thomas and DeSean Jackson? When you can get a sure thing in a Pro Bowler like Ocho Cinco. All it would cost these teams to pick up Chad would be their 1st RD pick plus maybe a late RDer. An acquisition like this would also help to take a lot of pressure off of the teams running game from having to be its main source of offensive production, while helping them become less one dimensional.

Plus the last time the Eagles had a WR of Chad Johnson's talent they went to the Super Bowl!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Updated First Round Mock Draft

1. Miami Dolphins - Chris Long, Virginia, DE
2. St. Louis Rams - Jake Long, Michigan, OT
3. Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan, Boston College, QB
4. Oakland Raiders - Darren McFadden*, Arkansas, RB
5. Kansas City Chiefs - Ryan Clady, Boise State, OT
6. New York Jets - Vernon Gholston*, Ohio State, DE
7. New England Patriots (SF) - Leodis McKelvin, Troy, CB
8. Baltimore Ravens - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tennessee State, CB
9. Cincinnati Bengals - Glenn Dorsey, LSU, DT
10. New Orleans Saints - Sedrick Ellis, USC, DT
11. Buffalo Bills - Limas Sweed, Texas, WR
12. Denver Broncos - Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt
13. Carolina Panthers - Derrick Harvey, Florida, DE
14. Chicago Bears - Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois, RB
15. Detroit Lions - Mike Jenkins, South Florida, CB
16. Arizona Cardinals - Antoine Cason, Arizona, CB
17. Minnesota Vikings - Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma, WR
Not being able to grab Harvey, the Vikings can't pass on Kelly, a player blessed with an outstanding feel for the passing game. Some might question his speed but Kelly uses his body well, runs well after the catch and possess excellent technique, things that most Vikings fan are looking for after the Troy Williamson debacle.
18. Houston Texans - Felix Jones, Arkansas, RB
With Stewart, arguably the 2nd best RB in the draft out 4-6 months, the Texans have to make a small reach for Felix Jones.
19. Philadelphia Eagles - Kenny Phillips, Miami (FL), FS
20. Tampa Bay Bucs - DeSean Jackson, California, WR/KR
21. Washington Redskins - Philip Merling-DE-Clemson
22. Dallas Cowboys (CLE)- Aqib Talib, Kansas, CB
23. Pittsburgh Steelers - Branden Albert, Virginia, OG
24. Tennessee Titans - Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh, OT
25. Seattle Seahawks - Frank Okam, Texas, DT
26. Jacksonville Jaguars - Quentin Groves, Auburn, DE
27. San Diego Chargers - Reggie Smith, Oklahoma, DB
28. Dallas Cowboys - Earl Bennett, Vanderbilt, WR
A very talented receiver with arguably the best hands in the draft who is flying under the radar
29. San Francisco 49ers (IND)- Gosder Cherilus, Boston College, OT
30. Green Bay Packers - Keith Rivers, USC, OLB
31. New England Patriots - (forfeit)
32. New York Giants - Dan Connor, Penn State, MLB

Sunday, March 23, 2008

We wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Picture taken at Cub Foods - Eden Prairie, those people are outrageous!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

KG "tanked" it PART 2

You forgot some of my favorite names Anthony Goldwire, Bill Curley, DeJuan Wheat, Shane Heal, and Stojko Vrankovic.

My main issue with the article is that Taylor was quoted saying "The other guys wanted to play..." My question is what other guys? Blount? Davis? Hassell? James? all of these guys were very disgruntled toward the end of the season, they didn't care just as long as there was a check being mailed every two weeks.

The only players that possibly could have wanted to be out on the floor giving it their all were guys like McCants, Foye, & Smith because they were (and still are) young players who have a lot to prove and at that point they were still trying to adjust to playing ball in the NBA. In this case Taylor was comparing a 12-year veteran who has played in 974 games for this franchise, a man who single handily lead his team to 8 postseasons in a row, winner of the 03-04 MVP award and future first ballot Hall of Famer, to McCants, Foye & Smith.

So Mr. Taylor, Glen if you are reading this post now is the time where you should stop and think are you really comparing Kevin aka "Da Kid", "The Big Ticket" "KG" Garnett's competitive nature and will-to-win with a bunch of rookies? Are you insane???

If anything I'm glad KG left the team early last year it helped us get a better draft pick. As well as, it helped him to get rested up so he could win a championship for a team NOT owned by Glen Taylor. And it is for that reason that I think we are hearing anything from Taylor at this point in the season. It must be killing him that KG and the Celtics owners (Wyc and Irv Grousbeck and Steve Pagliuca) are accomplishing what Taylor spent millions on over 12 years trying to accomplish building a championship team (especially because they built the team with two of the original "three-headed monster" from Taylor's only success as a owner: KG & Sam Cassell)

Now on a non-hater side of the argument, thank you Glen Taylor for saving our Wolves from relocating to New Orleans. Thank you for the under the table deal with Joe Smith COUGH...dumbass, oh sorry this is my positive paragraph. Now Taylor I'm glad to read that you are buying into the rebuilding concept, but please be patient. It will probably take us 3 more seasons to make the playoffs in the powerful Western Conference. Then another 3 to really be a title contender. So as the captain of the ship that is this team, I ask you to stay the course and we fans will not panic and jump ship instead we will opt to go along and enjoy the ride as the crew (players) learns how to get this ship running at 100% efficiency (NBA Champions) if even for one year.

KG "tanked" it

Thanks Mr. Glen Taylor for blaming the team demise on the best thing that ever happened to the hapless Timberwolves franchise. It had to be done. I understand Taylor's frustration for his team never seriously contending for an NBA title. KG had all-timer talents such as Anthony Peeler, Will Avery, Rasho Nesterovic, Igor Rakocevic and my all-time favorite: the Kandy "throw up the ball near the basket" Man and was never able to bring a championship to Minnesota. Damn you KG! I'm sure Kevin Garnett willed Mark Madsen to jack-up 3-pointers on that last game against Memphis. Maybe the Code Man can rant some more...

Oh I forgot Felipe Lopez, my apologies Felipe

On a serious note:
Think you have what it takes to take on the Code Man and I. Join our NCAA tournament bracket pool

Group ID# 96083 Password: devildog

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blake Hoffarber Miracle Shot

Today, our beloved Gophers fell to Illinois by 4 points but anyways... We still need to talk about that miracle shot against Indiana!!

Check it out:

Thursday, March 13, 2008


As the Big Ten Tournament tips off today The Gophers are practically guarantied an NIT bid, unless of course they run the table and win the Big Ten thus getting the at large Bid to the NCAA Tournament.Just as an NIT bid is guarantied for the Gophers so to is a trip to the quarterfinals to face Indiana. Thanks to landing Northwestern in the 1st round, a team that the Gophers have beaten up on all year.

Northwestern runs a 1-3-1 zone defense, so expect the Gophers two try to drive the ball in the lane early. The zone will probably stop the gophers near the free throw line but from there it will be easy for Tollackson to create a passing lane under the basket for some high % FGs. With his size advantage against NW expect them to try to foul him and not give up those easy baskets.

Also as we know the 3 ball has been a very important part of the Gophers offense all year, especially in the two previous games when these teams have gone head to head. Blake Hoffarber is 9-14 from behind the arch vs. NW this season, so between him and McKenzie (who as of lately has been hot closing games) NW would be foolish to not get out on our shooters.

Defense however the Gophers will need to try to hold 6-8 forward Coble from getting hot from outside the 3-point line. It will most likely be Colman's job to lock him down however Coble will score at least 14 pts. just because he is the teams go to guy.

Overall with the Gophers solid ball pressure they should be able to pull out the win as long as they can win the rebounding margin as well as not turn over the basketball since NW has one of the top assist-to-turnover ratios in the Big Ten.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Minnesota Vikings Offseason

Let's take a good look at the Vikings offseason moves so far. The Vikings have added four players and lost five through free agency.
Key Additions:
Bernard Berrian, WR: Berrian will provide a deep threat to the impotent Vikings passing game. He is a definite upgrade over Troy "I dropped it again" Williamson.
Madieu Williams, FS: Madieu Williams will be plugged into the vacant spot left by Dwight Smith. At 26, he will provide some youth to the secondary as well as better pass coverage abilities than Smith who was often a couple steps late last season.
Thomas Tapeh, FB: Surprisingly the Vikings did not try to resign Tony Richardson, their veteran fullback who had cleared the way for Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson's outstanding season. Tapeh will come in and compete for the starting FB spot.
Maurice Hicks, RB: Hicks will be mainly used as a kick returner and as a plug-in behind Taylor and Peterson.

Key Losses:
- Spencer Johnson, DT: Johnson was the third Defensive Tackle on the depth chart. His departure leaves the Vikings with a gaping hole as Pat and Kevin Williams need to be rotated in and out of the game on a constant basis to remain effective. The Vikings could take a look at Anthony McFarland, who was released by the Colts, or any other veteran left in Free agency.
- Dontarrious Thomas, LB: Thomas, yearning for playing time, signed with the 49ers. Although he didn't see the field all that much, he provided the Vikings with some depth at LB. Now the Vikings are totally unproven behind the starter and the Vikings will need to address this position possibly in the draft. Don't forget about Rufus Alexander though, he was drafted in the 2nd day last year but got hurt in the preseason, and I still have hopes that he will be a solid NFL player.

Current Depth Chart:
QB- Tarvaris Jackson, Brooks Bollinger: The biggest question mark on the team. Will Jackson be able to lead this team deep into the playoff. Will the Vikings be able to rely more on the passing game?
RB- Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor, Thomas Tapeh: The outstanding combo is back, and anyone of those guys can carry the load if asked too. A new fullback in the house
WR- Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice, Bobby Wade: Upgraded crew but will it be enough. A lot of hopes rest on Rice's continued development. Bobby Wade is back to his more appropriate nickel slot.
OL- Matt Birk, Steve Hutchinson, Bryant McKinnie, Anthony Herrera, Ryan Cook: The entire O-Line is back, Right Tackle could be upgraded but Childress probably will not admit his mistake to draft Cook in the 2nd round...
TE- Visanthe Shiancoe, Garrett Mills: A tiny ray of hope that Garrett Mills could take over as the starting tight end. Shiancoe was a disappointment in 2007.

DT- Kevin Williams, Pat Williams: The two beast up the middle should stay as stout as they were last year. A capable backup needs to be found to keep both fresh.
DE- Ray Edwards, Brian Robison, Erasmus James: Huge question mark here, the Vikings definitely need to find some players here or at least resign Darrion Scott.
MLB- EJ Henderson: After a rocky first couple years here, Henderson has been outstanding for the Vikings, and could possibly contend for a Probowl spot if he continues to progress this year.
OLB- Ben Leber, Chad Greenway: Ben Leber has been very solid for the Vikings, and a player with very good intangibles. I'm definitely expecting more from Chad Greenway, and I hope that being two years removed from his knee injury will propel him to be the playmaker the Vikings hoped he would be.
CB- Antoine Winfield, Cedric Griffin, Marcus McCauley, Charles Gordon: Solid group there, no complaint, the biggest thing will be for the young guys to keep developing and fast.
S- Madieu Williams, Darren Sharper: Should be a solid combo. Sharper is definitely losing a step or five and could be upgraded. An enforcer like Kenny Phillips would be a solid pick at #17.
K/P- Longwell and Kluwe are solid

NFL Draft Outlook:
The Vikings most pressing need is Defensive End, given the team inability to pressure opposing QBs on a regular basis, and Kenechi Udeze's fight against Leukemia. I expect them to go for a guy like Derrick Harvey if he is available at the seventeenth pick or even Quentin Groves. If WR Limas Sweed is available, expect the Vikings to pick the lanky receiver who reminds a lot of Roy Williams. Kenny Phillips is a small possibility to groom behind Sharper. The Vikings second most pressing need is Wide Receiver and the Vikings have expressed interest in WR Early Doucet (LSU) so it is a possibility that they move up a few spots in the second round to secure his rights. Else the Vikings need to take care of their depth at various position such as DL, LB, OL and S. In all, a very exciting opportunity for the Vikings to pick a few players who will figure prominently in the team's future.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Post-Combine Mock Draft

1. Miami Dolphins - Chris Long, Virginia, DE
The Miami Dolphins need help all over the place. Drafting Chris Long will help shore up their terrible defense and allow them to get over Jason Taylor departure if they decide to trade him.
2. St. Louis Rams - Jake Long, Michigan, OT
The Rams draft Jake Long, their future pillar at Left Tackle. They will probably play him at Right Tackle until future hall of famer Orlando Pace level of play declines considerably.
3. Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan, Boston College, QB
Now that the Falcons have addressed the running back position by adding Michael Turner, drafting the talented quarterback from Boston College will bring instant excitement to Falcons ' fans.
4. Oakland Raiders - Darren McFadden*, Arkansas, RB
Despite the late surge by incumbent Justin Fargas, the Raiders will not pass on the playmaker that is Darren McFadden, a worthy Al Davis pick.
5. Kansas City Chiefs - Ryan Clady, Boise State, OT
Kansas City is in desperate need to upgrade their offensive line. Drafting Clady will go a long way toward that goal.
6. New York Jets - Vernon Gholston*, Ohio State, DE
The Jets drafts Vernon Gholston, a prototypical pass rushing LB/DE hybrid who will bring a much needed attitude to the 3-4 scheme used by the Jets.
7. New England Patriots (SF) - Dan Connor, Penn State, MLB
This might seem like a reach but let's look at it this way. The heady, high motor linebacker from Penn State is exactly the type of player Bill Belichick loves to have on his complex defense.
8. Baltimore Ravens - Leodis McKelvin, Troy, CB
The Ravens weep when the Falcons pick their man Matt Ryan. Baltimore address their next position of need which is cornerback given the loss of production by starter Chris McAlister and Samari Rolle. McKelvin who has put up excellent numbers at the combine will look the part in the veteran Ravens D.
9. Cincinnati Bengals - Keith Rivers, USC, OLB
Having shored up their defensive line by trading to acquire DT DeWayne Robertson from the Jets, the Bengals turn to their next position of need at Outside Linebacker. Keith Rivers will be able to come in and make an instant impact for the consistently porous Cincinnati defense. Running back is also a possibility given the horrible production by Rudi Johnson and company. However, the LB crew looks more in distress in my opinion.
10. New Orleans Saints - Sedrick Ellis, USC, DT
The Saints feel lucky having Sedrick Ellis fall into their lap. The Defensive Tackle will help improve one of the worst defense in the league by providing pass rushing abilities from the interior of the line. Ellis has an excellent burst, great power, and is a highly decorated college player.
11. Buffalo Bills - Limas Sweed, Texas, WR
Buffalo draft Limas Sweed, a big target with very good speed, who will be able to complement Lee Evans.
12. Denver Broncos - Glenn Dorsey, LSU, DT
Denver fills a position of great need by adding Glenn Dorsey, an outstanding interior line playmaker who has been extremely productive during his career.
13. Carolina Panthers - Brian Brohm, Louisville, QB
The Panthers have to address the QB situation which has been a mess for the last couple years. They go with Brian Brohm, the product from Louisville, who was considered the best QB prospect coming into the college football season, but who has faded a little bit since.
14. Chicago Bears - Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois, RB
The Bears draft the powerful running back from Illinois to help take off the load from the clueless Rex Grossman. The Bears are obviously disappointed with Cedric Benson lack of production and I think it's time to move on.
15. Detroit Lions - Mike Jenkins, South Florida, CB
The Lions have released veteran CB Fernando Bryant. Mike Jenkins, an outstanding man-to-man corner, with a great season for USF under his belt, will be an upgrade.
16. Arizona Cardinals - Antoine Cason, Arizona, CB
The Cardinals have a big hole at CB across from Antrel Rolle. Antoine Cason has been a consistently outstanding performer on the collegiate level, and is arguably the most complete CB in the draft.
17. Minnesota Vikings - Derrick Harvey, Florida, DE
The Vikings can't believe their luck and address an area of great need by drafting Derrick Harvey, a defensive end from the University of Florida. Harvey is stout against the run, and also a solid pass rusher, and will fill the void left by Kenechi Udeze very capably
18. Houston Texans - Jonathan Stewart, Oregon, RB
The Texans are in dire need of a rushing game, and drafting the big and powerful back from the University of Oregon will provide them with one. A no-brainer...
19. Philadelphia Eagles - DeSean Jackson, California, WR
The Eagles draft the nifty WR/KR DeSean Jackson who will provide them with a jolt much like Devin Hester has done for the pathetic Bears' offense. He will definitely benefits from Devin Hester breakout season, despite his relatively limited upside and size concern.
20. Tampa Bay Bucs - Mario Manningham*, Michigan, WR
Joey Galloway is not getting any younger and neither is Ike Hilliard. Manningham will provide the Bucs with a playmaker who can take it the distance every time he runs a route.
21. Washington Redskins - Kenny Phillips, Miami (FL), FS
Losing Sean Taylor was a human tragedy, but it also left the team without a capable replacement. Drafting his successor from the same school, the Redskins will have a solid replacement who will be able to roam centerfield much like Sean used to do. Solid in coverage, outstanding in run support and blessed with great size, Phillips will fill in honorably for Taylor.
22. Dallas Cowboys (CLE)- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tennessee State, CB
Dallas address their nickel corner position with the young corner from Tennessee State. Rodgers-Cromartie helped his stock tremendously at the combine and is a legitimate first round pick.
23. Pittsburgh Steelers - Aqib Talib, Kansas, CB
The Steelers draft Talib, a talented corner who needs to work on his footwork and improve his discipline as he gambles too much and gets burned by mediocre competition at times.
24. Tennessee Titans - Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma, WR
The Titans beleaguered wideout crew gets some relief with the addition of Kelly, a lanky receiver from Oklahoma, who will provide Vince Young with a sure-handed big target in the red zone.
25. Seattle Seahawks - Frank Okam, Texas, DT
The Seahawks draft Okam to shore up their mediocre run defense. Okam is stout against the run, and has a very good burst off the snap which allows him to disrupt opposing offenses.
26. Jacksonville Jaguars - Quentin Groves, Auburn, DE
The Jaguars provided David Garrard with Jerry Porter and Troy Williamson. Now they address their gaping holes at defensive end by drafting the speedy Groves, out of Auburn.
27. San Diego Chargers - Branden Albert, Virginia, OG
The Chargers use this pick to get some depth along the Offensive Line. Albert will be able to provide starting competition to the undermanned Right Tackle Spot.
28. Dallas Cowboys - Felix Jones, Arkansas, RB
The Cowboys draft #2 of their two-headed monster who will be able to complement Marion Barber nicely. The speedy Jones is a threat to take it all the way and will be accustomed to sharing the workload with another talented running back.
29. San Francisco 49ers (IND)- Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh, OT
San Francisco needs to shore up their horrible offensive line. Alex Smith is taking a beating, and the beefy Otah might be able to reduce the amount of time Smith spends on his back.
30. Green Bay Packers - Shawn Crable, Michigan, LB
Green Bay adds a talented outside linebacker to their feared linebacker crew. Crable, a LB with good range will solidify the Packers defense.
31. New England Patriots - (forfeit)
32. New York Giants - Xavier Adibi, Virginia Tech, OLB
The Giants, fresh off their gutsy Super Bowl win, lost two of their linebackers and are in dire need at the position. Xavier Adibi, a high motor and high character player, was a very solid linebacker at the college level with excellent credentials. Often around the ball, and an excellent athlete, he will be a great fit for the Giants defense.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Vikings sign FS Madieu Williams

The Minnesota Vikings signed FS Madieu Williams to a 6-year deal worth up to $34 million. I really like this signing. Madieu Williams is a budding star at safety, at only 26. His only concern has been injuries, he played in only 13 games last season, totaling 74 tackles, 2 sacks, and 2 INTs. At 6'1, and 205 lbs, Williams is known more for his coverage skills, but he has also greatly improved as a run defender over the years and I will look forward to see him in a Vikings uniform. Williams should really help the Vikings pass defense that has ranked at the bottom of the NFL for years, by providing the lacking over-the-top coverage needed in a cover-2.

T-Wolves Waive Ratliff

The Wolves have bought out center Theo Ratliff's contract for the remainder of season. This will make Theo a Free Agent following a 48 hour period where he must clear waivers, after which he is expected to sign with his former team the Detroit Pistons.

Detroit Drafted Theo with the 18th pick in the 1995 Draft. He went on to have two productive seasons in Detroit by leading the team in blocks in both his rookie and sophomore seasons. Until being traded to the Sixers for Jerry Stackhouse in the middle of his third season.

With Theo no longer being on the Wolves roster it will no doubtingly open up minutes for the Wolves to look at their rookie center Chris Richard. Richard a 2nd round pick by the Timberwolves, is fresh off a recent stint in the D-League where he was averaging a double-double. So now that he has gotten himself back in playing shape (after sitting on the wolves bench for most of the first half of the season) I hope that he can provide defensive toughness near the paint as well as helping out on the offensive boards. He is also very good at finding open space under the basket that creates passing lanes for players who are driving to the hoop. When Chris gets one of those passes from a driving teammate you can be sure that he will follow it up by slamming home one of his Shaq like two handed rim shaking power dunks.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

NFL Combine: Defensive Backs

The Scouting Combine is winding down today with the defensive backs. What I'm looking for mainly is overall speed, long speed, burst, hands, agility, and fluidity of hips and backpedal.


The corners looked very good overall. We will probably see at least 5 CBs taken in the first round with McKelvin, Talib, Cason, Rodgers-Cromartie, and Jenkins having a good shot at the first round.
- Brandon Flowers: Ran a 40 time of 4.58. His long speed was always a concern and his 40 time sure didn't help alleviate those concerns
- Leodis McKelvin: Ran a good 4.40. He may be the first CB taken off the board
- Antoine Cason ran a 4.49, and completed the 20-yd shuttle in 4.08 s.
- Aquib Talib ran a 4.47 and performed the cone drill in 6.82 s. His footwork seems a little off
- Mike Jenkins ran a 4.38, and had 18 bench presses.
- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie ran a 4.33 and jumped a 38.5 inches vertical. He also looked good in the cone drill (6.74) and 60 yds shuttle as well as all DB drills. He made himself worthy of consideration in the first round
- Tracy Porter ran a 4.37, performed the 20 yds shuttle in 4.07 s. Looked very smooth durin g drills
- Wheatley Terrence performed well, ran a 4.37, performed the cone drill in 6.74


In the other hand, the safeties did not look very good overall. None of the top prospect helped their stocks, and we could easily see only one or even no safety taken in the first round.
- Kenny Phillips ran a 4.54. Smooth backpedal, tight hips, has trouble turning hips out of backpedal
- DaJuan Morgan ran a 4.52. Looked good in drills. Morgan only started 12 games and is an extremely raw free safety.
- Thomas DeCoud ran a 4.48
- Josh Barrett ran a blistering 4.32 at 223 lbs. He is a small school prospect and definitely helped himself, by showing up on NFL scouts radar.
- Dominique Barber ran a 4.70
- Tyrell Johnson: The Arkansas State product ran a 4.43
- Tom Zbikowski ran a 4.52 and performed 24 bench presses. Pretty smooth in drills. Very cerebral, same game face the entire day.
- Marcus Griffin ran a 4.76
- Quintin Demps ran a 4.38

Troy Williamson traded to the Jacksonville Jaguard

Minnesota Vikings bust Troy Williamson was traded to the Jaguars for a sixth round pick. Hope a change of scenery will do him good. Else he will still be able to showcase his jaw dropping speed and superb pass dropping skills.

Monday, February 25, 2008

NFL Combine: DL/LB

At last, the interesting stuff! I enjoy scouting defensive players much more than offensive players. Tuesday will be a treat, with DBs, which I usually see as the best athletes on the football field. Anyways, today are the Defensive linemen and Linebackers. What I look for, aside from measurables, are overall fluidity of movement, lateral quickness, footwork and change of direction for this group.

- Shawn Crable ran a solid 4.64.
- Woodyard Wesley helped his stock tremendously by running a 4.51, and looking fluid on the 20 and 60-yd shuttles
- Maryland LB Erin Henderson, brother of Vikings MLB EJ Henderson (6'3, 244 lbs), ran a 4.73, and 23 bench press
- Ali Highsmith hurt himself by running a 4.96. A big problem when you are already seen as undersized to play LB in the NFL. He completed the 20-yd shuttle in 4.29s
- Xavier Adibi from Virginia Tech: Ran a 4.69, looked fluid and showed some agility

- Chris Long is showing strong measurables: 40 time: 4.75, 34 bench presses, 10'4 broad jump which is ridiculous given his size, and a 34 inch vertical. He also showed up for the 20-yd shuttle with a DL best 4.21 s
- Vernon Gholston bench pressed a monstrous 37 times!!!!, had a 35.5 inches vertical, a 10'5 broad jump, and ran a 4.67. Did not as great on the shuttles but he is a virtual lock to be a top 5 pick, given his production in college.
- Quentin Groves ran a solid 4.57, best for all defensive linemen
- Derrick Harvey bench pressed 31 times, ran a 4.80.
- Sedrick Ellis bench pressed 34 times, ran a 5.24, showed a good burst. He cemented his value at the very top of the board.
- Glenn Dorsey did not workout
- Frank Okam, 6'4, 347 lbs, bench pressed 32 times, ran a 5.32.
- Marcus Howard is flashing up the board, running a 4.47, jumping a 34.5 inches vertical
- Cliff Avril: The Boilermaker helped his stock with a 4.51 40-time, and by looking good on the agility drills.
- Calais Campbell has a disappointing 5.03 on the 40-yd dash. Not as athletic as I expected, seem to stay too high when running, affecting his balance.

DB workouts:
- Golden Gopher Dominique Barber bench pressed 225-lbs 23 times
- Kenny Phillips had only 19 reps
- DaJuan Morgan, the second best safety in the draft, had 21 reps.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cowboys - Dolphins Trade Talk

I just heard that the Cowboys are in discussion with the Dolphins to trade the #1 pick for the Cowboys 2 first round picks AND Pro Bowl RB Marion Barber. Everyone is aware that Jerry Jones is enamored with Arkansas Darren McFadden but this seems a little overdone here. Giving up two first round picks to move up is one thing, but having to give up a Pro Bowl running back to get another RB who hasn't even stepped on an NFL football field yet, is ridiculous.

NFL Combine: QB/RB/WR

Busy morning
- Matt Ryan ran a 4.88
- Brian Brohm ran a 4.75
- Chad Henne ran a 4.90
- Joe Flacco ran a 4.78
- Tashard Choice ran a 4.54

Wide Receivers:
- Mario Manningham: Bench pressed 16 times which is solid for a receiver his size, 32 inches vertical, ran pretty poor 40-yds dashes at 4.56 and 4.62. Not good for a player seen as a speed receiver
- Malcolm Kelly: Did not ran, did not bench press. What is he doing at the combine? Just taking up a spot someone else could have used I guess.
- DeSean Jackson: Ran a 4.31 40-yds dash.
- Dexter Jackson ran is the fastest WR at the combine at 4.27
- Early Doucet did not ran
- Andre Caldwell ran a 4.31
- Limas Sweed solidified his spot as the #1 receiver in the draft. At 6'3 and 215 lbs, he ran a 4.46. He compares well to fellow Longhorn Roy Williams. Somewhat bigger but just as fast.

Running backs:
- Rashard Mendenhall: Bench pressed 26 times, and ran an amazing 4.43 which is jaw dropping given his size. Again that guy is a beast.
- The other beast, Jonathan Stewart put up an impressive 40-time as well with a 4.44 while bench pressing 28 times. Not a surprise given his huge guns.
- Mike Hart ran a 4.67, bench pressed 23 times. Not great but as expected, he is a pure football player, not a guy with great measurables. He will be a great pickup at the end of the first day or on the second day of the draft.
- Darren McFadden showed his explosiveness with a 10'8 broad jump which is one inch more than Adrian Peterson did last year. He also ran a jaw dropping 4.27 and had a 33 inch vertical
- Fellow Arkansas product Felix Jones ran a 4.44
- Longhorn Jaamaal Charles ran a 4.36

Saturday, February 23, 2008

NFL Combine: OL/TE/K

WR/KR DeSean Jackson came in at 5'9 3/4, and 167 lbs. All I can say is wow
K/OL/TE today. The more exciting stuff tomorrow with QB/WR/RB.
Tight Ends:
- Fred Davis (USC) did not ran the 40-yds dash, bench pressed 225 lbs 24 times, he participated in the pass catching drills, dropping a couple pass, one of them on an over-the-shoulder catch he should have made.
- Dustin Keller's (Purdue) is shooting up the draft board. He put up a 38 inches vertical, 4.53 s 40-yds dash, has shown good strength, as well as catching abilities. His blocking skills remain questionable and I think he could end up in the 2nd round.
- John Carlson (Notre Dame) had a pretty disappointing morning, did not ran as well as expected, in the range of 4.8 - 4.9 s

Offensive Line:
- Jake Long (Michigan) bench pressed 225-lbs 37 times. Impressive given his long arms. Also ran the 40-yds dash in 5.17
- Jeff Otah (Pitt) ran the 40-yds dash in 5.55

More later today and especially tomorrow when I actually have something to talk about.