Wednesday, March 19, 2008

KG "tanked" it

Thanks Mr. Glen Taylor for blaming the team demise on the best thing that ever happened to the hapless Timberwolves franchise. It had to be done. I understand Taylor's frustration for his team never seriously contending for an NBA title. KG had all-timer talents such as Anthony Peeler, Will Avery, Rasho Nesterovic, Igor Rakocevic and my all-time favorite: the Kandy "throw up the ball near the basket" Man and was never able to bring a championship to Minnesota. Damn you KG! I'm sure Kevin Garnett willed Mark Madsen to jack-up 3-pointers on that last game against Memphis. Maybe the Code Man can rant some more...

Oh I forgot Felipe Lopez, my apologies Felipe

On a serious note:
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