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Final NFL Mock Draft

1. Detroit - Matthew Stafford QB
2. St. Louis - Jason Smith OT
3. Kansas City -Tyson Jackson DE
4. Seattle - Eugene Monroe OT
5. Cleveland - Aaron Curry ILB
6. Cincinnati - Andre Smith OT
7. Oakland - Micheal Crabtree WR
8. Jacksonville - Mark Sanchez QB
9. Green Bay - B.J. Raji DT
10. San Francisco - Brian Orakpo DE
11. Buffalo - Aaron Maybin DE
12. Denver - Everette Brown DE
13. Washington - Michael Oher OT
14. New Orleans - Malcolm Jenkins CB
15. Houston - Robert Ayers OLB
16. San Diego -Peria Jerry DT
17. NJ Jets - Jeremy Maclin WR
18. Denver - Ray Maualuga ILB
19. Tampa Bay - Josh Freeman QB
20. Detroit - Brian Cushing LB
21. Philly - Knowshon Moreno RB
22. Minnesota - Eben Britton OT
23. New England - Clay Mathews OLB
24. Atlanta - Larry English DE/LB
25. Miami - Darius Butler CB
26. Baltimore - Vontae Davis CB
27. Indy - James Laurinaitis LB
28. Buffalo - Brandon Pettigrew TE
29. New York Giants - Hakeem Nicks WR
30. Tennessee - Evander Hood DT
31. Arizona - Donald Brown RB
32. Pittsburgh - Alex Mack C

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1. Detroit - Jason Smith OT
2. St. Louis - Eugene Monroe OT
3. Kansas City - Aaron Curry ILB
4. Seattle - Matthew Stafford QB
5. Cleveland - Micheal Crabtree WR
6. Cincinnati - Andre Smith OT
7. Oakland - Jeremy Maclin WR
8. Jacksonville - B.J. Raji DT
9. Green Bay - Brian Orakpo DE
10. San Francisco - Mark Sanchez QB
11. Buffalo - Aaron Maybin DE
12. Denver - Tyson Jackson DE
13. Washington - Michael Oher OT
14. New Orleans - Brian Cushing LB
15. Houston - Robert Ayers OLB
16. San Diego - Knowshon Moreno RB
17. NJ Jets - Hakeem Nicks WR
18. Denver - Malcolm Jenkins CB
19. Tampa Bay - Josh Freeman QB
20. Detroit - Everette Brown DE
21. Philly -Chris Wells RB
22. Minnesota - Eben Britton OT
23. New England - Clay Mathews OLB
24. Atlanta - Brandon Pettigrew TE
25. Miami - Vontae Davis CB
26. Baltimore - Ray Maualuga ILB
27. Indy - Peria Jerry DT
28. Philly - William Beatty OT
29. New York Giants - Larry English DE/LB
30. Tennessee - Evander Hood DT
31. Arizona - Donald Brown RB
32. Pittsburgh - Alex Mack C

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NFL Combine Notes: DB

Rich Eisen: 6.34 s, hilarious segment, they had BJ Raji 40's superimposed on it and Raji looked like Carl Lewis

On a more serious note, none of the defensive backs ran under 4.40. Safeties performed about as expected as a group while the corners were disappointing as a group. More and more turning out like a DB class with great depth but very few if any blue chip type player.

Patrick Chung: 5 foot 11, 212 lbs, 25 reps, 4.47 s. Ran faster than most expected, might make him the best safety available at this point. An instinctive football player and explosive hitter
Rashad Johnson: 5 foot 11, 203 lbs, 4.54 s. Lacks size and not very physical but a good playmaker in college.
Kevin Ellison: 6 foot 1, 227 lbs, 4.82 s, struggled in drills with backpedaling, stiff hips and mediocre footwork
Louis Delmas: 5 foot 11 3/8, 202 lbs, 4.49 s
David Brutton: 6 foot 2, 219 lbs, 4.46 s on the 40-yd dash, stiff hips exposed during drills
Darius Butler: 4.45 s 40-yd dash, 43 inch vertical, 11 foot 2 broad jump. Very smooth backpedal and turn and run. Extremely fluid footwork. One of the very few player who did well
Malcolm Jenkins: 6 foot 0, 204 lbs, 4.53 s and 4.55 s unofficially, 6.59 s on 3-cone drill. Did not have the greatest showing with a disappointing 40-yd dash. Needs to drop his hips more when backpedaling, sloppy footwork. Not as smooth as I thought he would be. Not a good day. Might be better suited as a free safety or cover-2 CB. Think Brandon Flowers last year
Vontae Davis: 5 foot 11, 203 lbs, 4.49 s, 6.75 s on 3-cone. Did not have the best combine as well, can't follow simple instructions by performing drills incorrectly twice in a row, backpedaling needs some more refining
Brandon Hughes: 5 foot 10, 182 lbs, 4.50 s 40-yd dash, 10 foot 8 broad jomp. Not very fluid out of backpedal, loses balance, confirmed doubts on his long speed.
Cary Harris: 4.58 s 40-yd dash. Overall not a good day for Harris, mediocre showing on most of the drills, stiff hips, poor backpedaling
Nic Harris: 6 foot 2, 234 lbs, 4.78 s, might be better suited as a weak side LB
Morgan Trent: 6 foot 1, 193 lbs, 4.43 s.
William Moore: 6 foot 0, 221 lbs, 4.53 s. Enigmatic prospect, was a potential first round pick last year but his play declined this season, which might make him go in much later rounds. Just another player who has all the tools but can't seem to put it together on the field consistently
Sean Smith:6 foot 4, 214 lbs, 4.47 s. Tall and lanky, looked a bit stiff in drills
Donald Washington: 45 inch vertical jump!! 11 foot 3 broad jump!!!! After those impressive numbers, he runs a 40-yd dash in ... 4.50 s??? I'm sure he can run much faster than that. Anyways explosive athlete but is he a good football player?
Alphonso Smith: 5 foot 9, 193 lbs, 4.50 s. The question mark on Smith was his long speed and he ran about as fast as expected. Confident player, flashed a TD celebration during drills, good footwork
DJ Moore: 5 foot 9, 192 lbs, 4.54 s. Lacks size and speed, a bad combination. He will need to improve on his speed before his pro day.

A final note on Smith and Moore: There isn't too many successful NFL corner who are 5 foot 9. Look at Antoine Winfield, although he is 5 foot 9, he brings a lot of intangibles to the table such as incredible toughness, and a knack for making tackles all over the field. He also ran a 4.41 40-yd dash which is solid although unspectacular and was picked 23rd in the 1999 NFL Draft. If you are short and slow, scouts will really question whether you can be successful in the NFL against the like of Larry Fitzgerald, TO, Randy Moss, Andre Johnson and many more who are all much taller than you and who can all run under 4.40.

Anyways I'm a little disappointed, not too many DBs with first round grade at this point

Monday, February 23, 2009

NFL Combine Notes: DL, LB

I did not get to see the workout in its entirety as I was also busy watching the markets. This is however my favorite part as you may know. I love to scout defensive players!

Robert Ayers: 272 lbs, 4.80 40-yd dash, only 17 reps on bench press
Everette Brown: 256 lbs, 4.73, 26 reps on bench,
Michael Johnson: 266 lbs, 6 foot 7, very lanky, 4.75 s, 10 foot 8 broad jump! Extremely explosive all-around. More of a great athlete than football player. Just a physical specimen, one of those guys that could be one of the best ever if he were to somehow get "it" someday
Tyson Jackson: 295 lbs, 4.91 s, looked at as a 3-4 end prospect these days
Aaron Maybin: 249 lbs, 4.78 s,
Larry English: 274 lbs, 4.77 s, 7.26s 3-cone drill
Brian Orakpo: 263 lbs, 4.70 s, 31 reps on bench, 39.5 ft vertical jump, workout beast as expected
BJ Raji: 337 lbs, 5.13 s, 33 reps, moves impressively well for such a big guy
James Laurinaitis: 244 lbs, 4.81 s which is a bit disappointing but I wouldn't put too much emphasis on it as Laurinaitis relies more on his instinct and technique than pure athleticism. Looked pretty good in drills, 6.93 s on cone drill.
Marcus Freeman: 239 lbs, 4.74 s, 30 reps, 6.98s on 3-cone drill, 4.12 on 20-yd shuttle. Laurinaitis' teammate did himself a great service by showing at the combine.
Rey Maualuga: 249 lbs, 4.83 s, pulled a hamstring right after that.
Aaron Curry: 254 lbs, 4.56 s, 10 foot 04 broad jump, solidified himself as a top 5 pick with an impressive 40-yd dash. Looked outstanding in drill, a professional who showed up ready and did everything he was asked to do with a 100% attitude. No wasted movement, excellent footwork. Also best performer on 60-yd shuttle with 11.35. Yes I'm drooling...
Clint Sintim: 256 lbs, 4.78 s, drills did not expose any major issues
Clay Matthews: 240 lbs, 4.67 s, 6.90 s on 3-cone drill, 4.18 on 20-yd shuttle, overshadowed by Cushing and Maualuga at USC, Matthews has put on a good a showing at the combine which should allow him to be picked early on the first day. I still think 2nd round though (only 10 career starts)
Brian Cushing: 243 lbs, 4.74 s, 30 reps, 6.84 s on 3-cone drill, 4.22 on 20-yd shuttle, helped himself as well.
Jasper Brinkley: 252 lbs, 4.72 s, 26 reps, another player who helped himself. Interesting prospect but suffered a torn ACL during the 2007 season.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

NFL Combine Notes: QB, WR, RB

Brian Robiskie: Did himself a great service by running a decent 4.51 and 4.49 on the 40-yd dash. Robiskie only question mark was his long speed and this should dispel most of the doubt on his abilities translating to the NFL. Looked very smooth and fluid in drills. I see him as a Wes Welker type receiver, smart football player, very good hands, should play for a long time in the NFL.
Hakeem Nicks: Same here, Hakeem Nicks ran a 4.49. Nicks' stock is rapidly going up.
Darrius Heyward-Bey: Ran a nice 4.30
Jeremy Maclin: Ran a 4.40
Percy Harvin: Ran a 4.37
Mark Sanchez: 6 foot 2, 227 lbs, 4.88
Matthew Stafford: 6 foot 2, 225 lbs, 4.84
Josh Freeman: 6 foot 5 3/4, 4.92
Knowshon Moreno: 5 foot 10 5/8, 217 lbs, 4.55
Chris Wells: 6 foot 1, 237 lbs, 4.54, explosive 10 foot 8 broad jump
Kory Sheets (Purdue) and Ian Johnson (Boise State) were the fastest RBs with 4.38s unofficially

Saturday, February 21, 2009

NFL Combine Notes: OL, TE

Michael Crabtree: Has a foot stress fracture, will run at his pro day which I believe is stupid having had a stress fracture myself. He should get the surgery now, and rest for 10 weeks. He is undeniably the best receiver in this year's class and he wouldn't fall off the top 10. A full blown fracture would make his recovery much more complicated as he would need to have screws inserted in his foot and he would essentially be lost for the 2009 season. Aside from that, Crabtree was measured at less than 6 foot 2.
Percy Harvin: only 5 foot 11 and 192 lbs, 19 bench presses
Andre Smith: Massive drama around this player. He announced yesterday that he would not participate on workouts because he didn't feel ready and started training late. This morning, he simply... disappeared while everyone was looking for him. Definite weight issues even though he showed up in relatively better shape than I expected. So in short, big time red flag that could cost him dearly especially if he doesn't have an outstanding workout at his pro day. Arms length are top among blue chip OT though at almost 36 in (oher 33.5, monroe 34)
Jason Smith: 33 reps on 225, 5.22 on 40-yd dash, he definitely benefited from showing up at the combine and his stock should go up
Michael Oher: 21 reps on the bench press only, 5.32 40-yd dash
Eugene Monroe: 23 reps on bench
Max Unger: looked good in drills, more explosive and mean than I thought
Brandon Pettitgrew: Ran a 4.85 on the 40-yd dash. This should not affect him much as he is a complete TE prospect who can block and catch equally well
Lydon Murtha: The homegrown prospect did himself a great service by performing well at the combine, being the fastest lineman with 4.89 on the 40-yd dash, 4.34s on the 20-yd shuttle, and 7.06s on the cone shuttle. This might be the difference between being undrafted and being a late round pick.

Senior Bowl OL Practice

Tomorrow, QB/WR/RB will be a lot more fun!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NFL Mock Draft 2009 Pre-Combine

1. Detroit - Aaron Curry ILB
2. St. Louis - Michael Oher OT
3. Kansas City - Matthew Stafford QB
4. Seattle - Micheal Crabtree WR
5. Cleveland - Malcolm Jenkins CB
6. Cincinnati - Jason Smith OT
7. Oakland - Andre Smith OT
8. Jacksonville - Eugene Monroe OT
9. Green Bay - B.J. Raji DT
10. San Francisco - Everette Brown DE
11. Buffalo - Ray Maualuga ILB
12. Denver - Aaron Maybin DE
13. Washington - Brian Orakpo DE
14. New Orleans - Brian Cushing LB
15. Houston - Vontae Davis CB
16. San Diego - Peria Jerry DT
17. NJ Jets - Mark Sanchez QB
18. Chicago - Tyson Jackson DE
19. Tampa Bay - Clint Sintim OLB
20. Detroit - Alex Mack C
21. Philly - Chris Wells RB
22. Minnesota - Micheal Johnson DE
23. New England - James Laurinatis ILB
24. Atlanta - Larry English OLB
25. Miami - Alphonso Smith CB
26. Baltimore - D.J. Moore CB
27. Indy - Jeremy Maclin WR
28. Philly - Eben Britton OT
29. New York Giants - Clay Mathews OLB
30. Tennessee - Brandon Pettigrew TE
31. Arizona - Knowshon Moreno RB
32. Pittsburgh - Max Unger C

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


After the Month of January everything appeared to looking up for Al Jefferson and the Timberwolves. Unfortunately for Big Al, February has just gone from BAD (All-Star Snub) to WORSE (Torn ACL).

In New Orleans on Sunday February 8th, Al Jefferson tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his right knee. The injury happened with just under 30 seconds left of a 94-94 tie. Jefferson landed awkwardly with all his weight going through his right leg after blocking Sean Marks shot while fouling him in the process. He will undergo surgery on February 18th in New York to repair his torn ACL.

Al Jefferson is the 2nd member of the Timberwolves who have torn thier ACL this season, as Corey Brewer is out all season after undergoing a similar surgery. In fact they are not the only NBA players who have torn their ACL's this season. Milwaukee's Micheal Redd also suffered a torn ACL while playing early this season, and in the past year there have also been two major sports figures who have torn their ACL they are Tiger Woods & Tom Brady.

It was suppose to just be one of two games in a week that would lead up to Al Jefferson's Biggest Accomplishment in his young and promising career. However that "accomplishment" (becoming a member of the western conference All-Star team) would go unfulfilled as New Orleans Hornets forward David West was selected over Jefferson to fill out the All-Star roster. This year Jefferson has really come on strong playing like a true Juggernaut down low averaging 23 points 11 rebounds and nearly 2 blocked shots per game. In comparison David West has been averaging 19 points 7 rebounds and 1 block per game, yet the coaches still gave West the All-Star nod merely because he is on a winning team that boasts two former All-Stars.

Now that Jefferson's Season is over, is the Timberwolves season is over too?

Well Yes & No, With Big Al out of the lineup we are guaranteed a lottery pick ( translation: we will lose a ton of games), but we also will get to find out if we have a legitimate #2 or #3 scorer on our team (translation: was the Mayo for Miller and Love trade a bust). The increased playing time Miller and Love will get they have a chance to appease the fans who are still bitter over the trade that sent what looks like a true shooter/scorer in Mayo away. So basically this year is a lot like last year now, where we are just evaluating talent like Hot Rod, Shaddy, and most importantly Foye.

Foye is the one guy I'm really looking forward to see if he can become the clutch scorer we thought he would be, especially now that we know he will not become reliable PG like many in the front office saw him as. I would like to see Foye take the ball to the basket more while at the same time he can not shy away from the open 3. I think a good way to utilize his shooting is to have him run a pick n roll with Kevin Love. It would help Foye to shed his defender so that he can concentrate on creating contact from the other teams Big while he goes to finish around the hoop. And here is a little tip for you Foye - I think its about time you learn how do make a left handed layup, you are in NBA now. You are in danger of losing your nickname "4th Quarter Foye" when your only go to move is a right handed fade away layup where you float the ball high over the defender hoping to kiss it of the glass. Also it is critical that Foye gets to the line for his own game as well as the fact that we have lost the one player that gets to the line the most on a team that has a free-throw phobia.