Tuesday, February 10, 2009


After the Month of January everything appeared to looking up for Al Jefferson and the Timberwolves. Unfortunately for Big Al, February has just gone from BAD (All-Star Snub) to WORSE (Torn ACL).

In New Orleans on Sunday February 8th, Al Jefferson tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his right knee. The injury happened with just under 30 seconds left of a 94-94 tie. Jefferson landed awkwardly with all his weight going through his right leg after blocking Sean Marks shot while fouling him in the process. He will undergo surgery on February 18th in New York to repair his torn ACL.

Al Jefferson is the 2nd member of the Timberwolves who have torn thier ACL this season, as Corey Brewer is out all season after undergoing a similar surgery. In fact they are not the only NBA players who have torn their ACL's this season. Milwaukee's Micheal Redd also suffered a torn ACL while playing early this season, and in the past year there have also been two major sports figures who have torn their ACL they are Tiger Woods & Tom Brady.

It was suppose to just be one of two games in a week that would lead up to Al Jefferson's Biggest Accomplishment in his young and promising career. However that "accomplishment" (becoming a member of the western conference All-Star team) would go unfulfilled as New Orleans Hornets forward David West was selected over Jefferson to fill out the All-Star roster. This year Jefferson has really come on strong playing like a true Juggernaut down low averaging 23 points 11 rebounds and nearly 2 blocked shots per game. In comparison David West has been averaging 19 points 7 rebounds and 1 block per game, yet the coaches still gave West the All-Star nod merely because he is on a winning team that boasts two former All-Stars.

Now that Jefferson's Season is over, is the Timberwolves season is over too?

Well Yes & No, With Big Al out of the lineup we are guaranteed a lottery pick ( translation: we will lose a ton of games), but we also will get to find out if we have a legitimate #2 or #3 scorer on our team (translation: was the Mayo for Miller and Love trade a bust). The increased playing time Miller and Love will get they have a chance to appease the fans who are still bitter over the trade that sent what looks like a true shooter/scorer in Mayo away. So basically this year is a lot like last year now, where we are just evaluating talent like Hot Rod, Shaddy, and most importantly Foye.

Foye is the one guy I'm really looking forward to see if he can become the clutch scorer we thought he would be, especially now that we know he will not become reliable PG like many in the front office saw him as. I would like to see Foye take the ball to the basket more while at the same time he can not shy away from the open 3. I think a good way to utilize his shooting is to have him run a pick n roll with Kevin Love. It would help Foye to shed his defender so that he can concentrate on creating contact from the other teams Big while he goes to finish around the hoop. And here is a little tip for you Foye - I think its about time you learn how do make a left handed layup, you are in NBA now. You are in danger of losing your nickname "4th Quarter Foye" when your only go to move is a right handed fade away layup where you float the ball high over the defender hoping to kiss it of the glass. Also it is critical that Foye gets to the line for his own game as well as the fact that we have lost the one player that gets to the line the most on a team that has a free-throw phobia.

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