Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NFL Combine Notes: DB

Rich Eisen: 6.34 s, hilarious segment, they had BJ Raji 40's superimposed on it and Raji looked like Carl Lewis

On a more serious note, none of the defensive backs ran under 4.40. Safeties performed about as expected as a group while the corners were disappointing as a group. More and more turning out like a DB class with great depth but very few if any blue chip type player.

Patrick Chung: 5 foot 11, 212 lbs, 25 reps, 4.47 s. Ran faster than most expected, might make him the best safety available at this point. An instinctive football player and explosive hitter
Rashad Johnson: 5 foot 11, 203 lbs, 4.54 s. Lacks size and not very physical but a good playmaker in college.
Kevin Ellison: 6 foot 1, 227 lbs, 4.82 s, struggled in drills with backpedaling, stiff hips and mediocre footwork
Louis Delmas: 5 foot 11 3/8, 202 lbs, 4.49 s
David Brutton: 6 foot 2, 219 lbs, 4.46 s on the 40-yd dash, stiff hips exposed during drills
Darius Butler: 4.45 s 40-yd dash, 43 inch vertical, 11 foot 2 broad jump. Very smooth backpedal and turn and run. Extremely fluid footwork. One of the very few player who did well
Malcolm Jenkins: 6 foot 0, 204 lbs, 4.53 s and 4.55 s unofficially, 6.59 s on 3-cone drill. Did not have the greatest showing with a disappointing 40-yd dash. Needs to drop his hips more when backpedaling, sloppy footwork. Not as smooth as I thought he would be. Not a good day. Might be better suited as a free safety or cover-2 CB. Think Brandon Flowers last year
Vontae Davis: 5 foot 11, 203 lbs, 4.49 s, 6.75 s on 3-cone. Did not have the best combine as well, can't follow simple instructions by performing drills incorrectly twice in a row, backpedaling needs some more refining
Brandon Hughes: 5 foot 10, 182 lbs, 4.50 s 40-yd dash, 10 foot 8 broad jomp. Not very fluid out of backpedal, loses balance, confirmed doubts on his long speed.
Cary Harris: 4.58 s 40-yd dash. Overall not a good day for Harris, mediocre showing on most of the drills, stiff hips, poor backpedaling
Nic Harris: 6 foot 2, 234 lbs, 4.78 s, might be better suited as a weak side LB
Morgan Trent: 6 foot 1, 193 lbs, 4.43 s.
William Moore: 6 foot 0, 221 lbs, 4.53 s. Enigmatic prospect, was a potential first round pick last year but his play declined this season, which might make him go in much later rounds. Just another player who has all the tools but can't seem to put it together on the field consistently
Sean Smith:6 foot 4, 214 lbs, 4.47 s. Tall and lanky, looked a bit stiff in drills
Donald Washington: 45 inch vertical jump!! 11 foot 3 broad jump!!!! After those impressive numbers, he runs a 40-yd dash in ... 4.50 s??? I'm sure he can run much faster than that. Anyways explosive athlete but is he a good football player?
Alphonso Smith: 5 foot 9, 193 lbs, 4.50 s. The question mark on Smith was his long speed and he ran about as fast as expected. Confident player, flashed a TD celebration during drills, good footwork
DJ Moore: 5 foot 9, 192 lbs, 4.54 s. Lacks size and speed, a bad combination. He will need to improve on his speed before his pro day.

A final note on Smith and Moore: There isn't too many successful NFL corner who are 5 foot 9. Look at Antoine Winfield, although he is 5 foot 9, he brings a lot of intangibles to the table such as incredible toughness, and a knack for making tackles all over the field. He also ran a 4.41 40-yd dash which is solid although unspectacular and was picked 23rd in the 1999 NFL Draft. If you are short and slow, scouts will really question whether you can be successful in the NFL against the like of Larry Fitzgerald, TO, Randy Moss, Andre Johnson and many more who are all much taller than you and who can all run under 4.40.

Anyways I'm a little disappointed, not too many DBs with first round grade at this point

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