Friday, June 27, 2008


Let's put it into context, tonight's debacle is nothing worth crying over. There is much worse taking place on this Earth: Wars, people starving, SUVs and trucks on the road with a single person inside, idiots breathing and wasting resources, and countless many more important issues!

Enough said! I made these, please feel free to save them, distribute them around the web, use them as inspiration to do better ones! IT'S TIME FOR KEVIN MCHALE TO GO AWAY AND NOT REAPPEAR IN BROAD DAYLIGHT EVER AGAIN!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Here is my 2008 Mock Draft that was never fully completed, thus is was never going to be posted. However i find my self in a giving mood even as the holidays wind down, so enjoy my unfinished posts of 2008.

Its a fairly good Mock Draft if I do say so myself. However I would like to refrain anyone from trying to predict trades when putting together their own Mock Draft because trades are to unpredictable and it just takes one small tweak to make a mess of your Mock Draft.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Wolves Logo

With the teams new identity in the post KG era the team has decided to go with a new look as well. So this Thursday the team will reveal the new alternate logo for the Timberwolves that will appear on the draft cap that OJ Mayo will wear when his name is called as the third pick.

Here it is:

While I like this fresh new logo, I felt it was missing something so I mixed a little Old School flavor added some contemporary things and i was left with something i think all Wolves fans can enjoy. (FYI I don't have photo shop so it isn't the cleanest looking edit but it defiantly turned out good)

Here it is:

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It took 13 seasons for Da Kid who had the heart of a champion to grow into the person and player who will forever be remembered as Kevin Garnett the "NBA CHAMPION".

The great thing about watching KG on his way to becoming an NBA Champion was witnessing how he always played the game so passionately. A passion that he brought into the league as a rail thin rookie (yet for some reason he has been listed at 220 lbs. his whole career, go figure) playing for the Timberwolves. This passion continued to grow in part of KG being a dedicated student of the game and also through the drive he found in watching his friends and peers (Kobe, Duncan, & Billups) making it to the finals and leaving with the Larry O'Brian Trophy.

Of his 13 seasons in the league, 12 of them were in his beloved Sota (in reference to Minnesota). In those 12 years he made a very visible impact on basketball fans and non-fans alike. Garnett's Most memorable year in Sota would no doubt be the year he led the team to the Western Conference finals along with Sam Cassell and Latrell Sprewell. The three stars were called the "Three Headed Monster" yet unfortunately the Monster was slain by a Lakers team that had its own share of star-power in O'Neal, Bryant, Malone, & Payton (although I think 1/3 of the monster had already been cut down before the series even started as Cassell had come up gimp from the Sacramento series).

Unfortunately that would be the last season KG would make it to the playoffs as a Timberwolf, and before the start of the 07-08 season KG was traded to the Celtics were his arrival was being awaited by two other All-Star players Paul Pierce & Ray Allen. The three would soon be famously nicknamed "The Boston 3Party" from one of ESPN's clever Sportscenter commercials. The Boston 3Party would later go on to dominate the 07-08 regular season, followed by an intense playoff run that culminated into KG's first NBA championship.

Following their final's win as all of the Celtics were at center court celebrating, while KG was giving an interview and during the interview KG dedicated his championship to the fans in Minnesota by saying "this for everybody in Sota"

So obviously KG has love for Sota and he knows that Minnesota still does and will always have love for KG!

So to celebrate KG's Championship please show your love by responding with at least three of your favorite KG plays, games, or moments.

Here are mine:

1. Watching KG win his first championship

2. The 03-04 playoff run

3. Having season tickets during his last season as a Timberwolf

4.Being at the game when he got his MVP trophy

5. Too many more to list