Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Wolves Logo

With the teams new identity in the post KG era the team has decided to go with a new look as well. So this Thursday the team will reveal the new alternate logo for the Timberwolves that will appear on the draft cap that OJ Mayo will wear when his name is called as the third pick.

Here it is:

While I like this fresh new logo, I felt it was missing something so I mixed a little Old School flavor added some contemporary things and i was left with something i think all Wolves fans can enjoy. (FYI I don't have photo shop so it isn't the cleanest looking edit but it defiantly turned out good)

Here it is:

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TcH3rNo said...

I like your version of the logo. Again, not a big fan of the new logo, it looks like something that would be better suited to another team: the Minnesota Lynx!

Code said...

I think that the new logo looks like a hockey logo (don't ask me why)

and i think my logo brings it back to the wolves 1st logo which was by far the best!