Monday, February 23, 2009

NFL Combine Notes: DL, LB

I did not get to see the workout in its entirety as I was also busy watching the markets. This is however my favorite part as you may know. I love to scout defensive players!

Robert Ayers: 272 lbs, 4.80 40-yd dash, only 17 reps on bench press
Everette Brown: 256 lbs, 4.73, 26 reps on bench,
Michael Johnson: 266 lbs, 6 foot 7, very lanky, 4.75 s, 10 foot 8 broad jump! Extremely explosive all-around. More of a great athlete than football player. Just a physical specimen, one of those guys that could be one of the best ever if he were to somehow get "it" someday
Tyson Jackson: 295 lbs, 4.91 s, looked at as a 3-4 end prospect these days
Aaron Maybin: 249 lbs, 4.78 s,
Larry English: 274 lbs, 4.77 s, 7.26s 3-cone drill
Brian Orakpo: 263 lbs, 4.70 s, 31 reps on bench, 39.5 ft vertical jump, workout beast as expected
BJ Raji: 337 lbs, 5.13 s, 33 reps, moves impressively well for such a big guy
James Laurinaitis: 244 lbs, 4.81 s which is a bit disappointing but I wouldn't put too much emphasis on it as Laurinaitis relies more on his instinct and technique than pure athleticism. Looked pretty good in drills, 6.93 s on cone drill.
Marcus Freeman: 239 lbs, 4.74 s, 30 reps, 6.98s on 3-cone drill, 4.12 on 20-yd shuttle. Laurinaitis' teammate did himself a great service by showing at the combine.
Rey Maualuga: 249 lbs, 4.83 s, pulled a hamstring right after that.
Aaron Curry: 254 lbs, 4.56 s, 10 foot 04 broad jump, solidified himself as a top 5 pick with an impressive 40-yd dash. Looked outstanding in drill, a professional who showed up ready and did everything he was asked to do with a 100% attitude. No wasted movement, excellent footwork. Also best performer on 60-yd shuttle with 11.35. Yes I'm drooling...
Clint Sintim: 256 lbs, 4.78 s, drills did not expose any major issues
Clay Matthews: 240 lbs, 4.67 s, 6.90 s on 3-cone drill, 4.18 on 20-yd shuttle, overshadowed by Cushing and Maualuga at USC, Matthews has put on a good a showing at the combine which should allow him to be picked early on the first day. I still think 2nd round though (only 10 career starts)
Brian Cushing: 243 lbs, 4.74 s, 30 reps, 6.84 s on 3-cone drill, 4.22 on 20-yd shuttle, helped himself as well.
Jasper Brinkley: 252 lbs, 4.72 s, 26 reps, another player who helped himself. Interesting prospect but suffered a torn ACL during the 2007 season.

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