Saturday, February 21, 2009

NFL Combine Notes: OL, TE

Michael Crabtree: Has a foot stress fracture, will run at his pro day which I believe is stupid having had a stress fracture myself. He should get the surgery now, and rest for 10 weeks. He is undeniably the best receiver in this year's class and he wouldn't fall off the top 10. A full blown fracture would make his recovery much more complicated as he would need to have screws inserted in his foot and he would essentially be lost for the 2009 season. Aside from that, Crabtree was measured at less than 6 foot 2.
Percy Harvin: only 5 foot 11 and 192 lbs, 19 bench presses
Andre Smith: Massive drama around this player. He announced yesterday that he would not participate on workouts because he didn't feel ready and started training late. This morning, he simply... disappeared while everyone was looking for him. Definite weight issues even though he showed up in relatively better shape than I expected. So in short, big time red flag that could cost him dearly especially if he doesn't have an outstanding workout at his pro day. Arms length are top among blue chip OT though at almost 36 in (oher 33.5, monroe 34)
Jason Smith: 33 reps on 225, 5.22 on 40-yd dash, he definitely benefited from showing up at the combine and his stock should go up
Michael Oher: 21 reps on the bench press only, 5.32 40-yd dash
Eugene Monroe: 23 reps on bench
Max Unger: looked good in drills, more explosive and mean than I thought
Brandon Pettitgrew: Ran a 4.85 on the 40-yd dash. This should not affect him much as he is a complete TE prospect who can block and catch equally well
Lydon Murtha: The homegrown prospect did himself a great service by performing well at the combine, being the fastest lineman with 4.89 on the 40-yd dash, 4.34s on the 20-yd shuttle, and 7.06s on the cone shuttle. This might be the difference between being undrafted and being a late round pick.

Senior Bowl OL Practice

Tomorrow, QB/WR/RB will be a lot more fun!

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