Monday, April 28, 2008

DeSean Jackson Burning the Gophers Video

This TD play gave us a good laugh on NFL Draft Day. It was retarded by ESPN to show that as any 5 year-old can burn the Gophers horrible defense

DeSean Jackson runs a simple go route. This is usually easily defended by having the corner run with the receiver and the safety providing help over the top and this is one of the very first play you learn in pop warner youth football. Desi Steib (The worst cornerback to ever soil a Gopher uniform) breaks his ankles and runs around like a decapitated chicken even though Jackson does absolutely nothing. Strong Safety Duran Cooley can't believe how much Steib sucks but his 5.39 40-time is not enough for him to catch up to the play.

Conclusion: This play doesn't show anything about DeSean Jackson, only that the Gophers 2007 Defense is the worst in school history. Oh and Steib sucks so good thing he is graduating

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