Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This Offseason Bengals WR Chad Johnson has made it well know to both the fans and the media that he would like to be traded. Chad has practically been appearing on every media outlet in the past couple of months, trying to justify his trade demand.

Chad believes that the Bengals franchise is not serious about winning and he has also said in many reports that he is sick of people trying to put the blame on him. Their are some people within the franchise and in the media that find his in game antics are a distraction while I on the other hand find them humerus and entertaining.

Lets also not forget about the Cincinnati "Behind Bars "Bengals, for those who don't know Cinci has had 10 players arrested in a 14 month span. Recently Bengals WR Chris Henry was arrested earlier his month which was his fifth arrest while being a member of the Bengals. So you tell me is a player who is the face of your franchise performing funny TD celebrations in the end zone that appear on Sports Center more distracting for a team both inside and outside the locker room or is it the 10 guys in handcuffs. If you ask me its got to be embarrassing to be a Bengals fan. I mean how is it that their management is so bad at judging character? Do they hold some secretive yearly prison yard draft?? if so I guess Micheal Vick would be eligible this year.

On Wednesday Chad came out sounding more serious then ever about being traded by saying "I want to be traded before the draft, and if that doesn't happen, I want to be traded as soon as possible," followed by saying "I don't intend on reporting to anything.''

As upfront as Chad has been about being traded, so has his coach Marvin Lewis along with the Bengals organization in stating that they have no comment about Chad other then that they have no intent on trading him. Also if they were to trade Ocho Cinco they would have to take an $8 million salary cap hit for the upcoming season as well as winding up looking anorexic on their WR depth chart.

If Chad were to get his wish and be traded before next weekends NFL Draft, than I think the best teams for him to end up with would be the Titans or the Eagles. Both teams have Pro-Bowl QBs (Young & McNabb), both are still looking for a #1 option at WR, and both are expected to target a WR in the 1st round of the draft. So why gamble on project RC WRs like Devin Thomas and DeSean Jackson? When you can get a sure thing in a Pro Bowler like Ocho Cinco. All it would cost these teams to pick up Chad would be their 1st RD pick plus maybe a late RDer. An acquisition like this would also help to take a lot of pressure off of the teams running game from having to be its main source of offensive production, while helping them become less one dimensional.

Plus the last time the Eagles had a WR of Chad Johnson's talent they went to the Super Bowl!

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