Thursday, June 25, 2015

2015 Draft Night Live Commentary

Alright now that Adam Silver's hum-drum pre-draft speech is over My T-Wolves are now on the CLOCK!!!

Calvin Booth in the Green Room, no sign of Flip or my main man Milt but I do see Babcock (thanks for those gopher basketball staff seats).

1. Karl-Anthony Towns: YES! Wolves Get their Cornerstone Center for the next 10 years. Both Karl and his father are well spoken.   Finally a draft hat that could actually be worn on the street.

Ok ok as excited I am about the Towns finally becoming a Wolf I can't wait to see What the Lake Show decides...

2. ITS....RUSSELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Russell's passing ability but come on... Rubio's passes are on a whole other level

Ok Can't wait for the 76ers to take Poringis... lol...Nah.... it has to Be Okafor...Right???

 So what do we think the Celtics "Godfather Offer" is if 76ers select Okafor???????

I'm going with #9 #28, 2016 1st round picks from Dallas and Cleveland, and 2018 Celtics and Nets first rounders. Plus (yes there is a plus) Marcus Smart and Tyler Zeller.

3. Sixers did the Smart thing in selecting Jalil Okafor now how long till we hear what they'll be getting from the Celtics?

Ah the wire hanger hoop a staple in the young ballers earlier training regiment.

Knicks are up...I'm liking what I hear from Rose and Williams about how Justise Winslow should be there guy.

4. Ahhh Fuck of course! Everyday I am thankful that I am not a Knicks fan.

5.  NYK save Orlando by selecting Porzingis. The Magic selection of Mario gets my approval even though I think Winslow would have been a great fit.

6. WOW they passed on Mudiay???? I'm guessing Cousins made that pick. Bye George Karl

7. MUDIAY, Denver knows whats up. Que the shot of the Detroit war room collectively throwing the nearest inanimate objects at their television.

8. WOW with Winslow seemly failing into their laps and yet they stick to their guns and take Stanley Johnson. Look for the Pistons' playoff aspirations stall out yet again with this solid yet blah pick.

9. Ok if I'm Charlotte I back out of the rumored Boston deal and run my draft card with Justise Winslow's name on it up the Commish. I know people love Frank but not good value.

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