Thursday, June 28, 2012

Live Draft Commentary

1. Anthony Davis - Never any Question here.

2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - WOW! Not a bad pick cause personally I never thought the potential Cleveland trade was that great of a deal for the Cats. I guess since MJ has gone for the risky potential based prospects in the past he deiced to go with a solid hardworking team first guy.

3. Bradley Beal - The Wizards are now a watchable team, no longer will I pass them up on NBA League Pass. What a potent backcourt Washington possesses just imagine what they could accomplish if Wall ever develops a jump shot.

4. Dion Waiters - So the Rumors had more merit than I had thought. Personally I'm not very high on this player both he and Beal have become way over hyped in the last 3 weeks. While I expect Beal to have become a better player in the league, Waiters will follow a Stucky/Crawford/Thorton Career Arc.

5. Thomas Robinson - Sacramento's Roster is starting to come together now. Is there a stronger front court in the league than Robinson and Cousins? I still give them 2 years before they are ready to enter the Western Conference Playoff race.

6. Damian Lillard - With Barnes on the Board they go Lillard, I wouldn't have been able to pass on Barnes myself. Lillard better have Westbrook's thank you letter in the mail because without his recent success GMs would not value undersized scoring guards so much.

7. Harrison Barnes - Best Value Pick! Warriors were looking desperately to trade this pick for a SF yet the Best SF in the draft falls to them. Imagine the small ball lineup of Curry, Klay, Barnes, Wright, and Lee. Now thats a group that will be able to space the floor. There is no reason why they shouldn't get an open shot after making at least 3 passes.

8. Terrence Ross - Not good when the best the ESPN taking heads conclude that Ross is "Not a bad pick". Too much like DeRozan and will play more like Wes Johnson.

At this point i bet Detroit trades this pick (which will be Drummond) to Hou for 12th and 18th picks

9. Andre Drummond - Well the pick was easy to call...time will tell who he plays for.

10. Austin Rivers - is PG in his future? or is this just insurance if Gordon bolts? Either way the Hornets have now added two future starts to a roster relatively void of NBA talent.

11. Meyers Leonard - Most likely to be forgotten 3 years from now ala Robert Swift and B.J. Mullins. Did nothing in College, doesn't love the game... another 7 footer passing through the league.

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