Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Top 5 Draft Trade Rumors for Wolves

1. Nash, Gortat, #13 Pick - FOR - #2 Pick, Flynn, Pekovic, Webster, Hayward

For WOLVES: Rubio already highly admires Nash's game and now Nash can mentor him for a season. Gortat is athletic defensive minded center, who average's 10+ rebounds as well as being an exceptional shot blocker. I also cant forget to mention that Gortat has a very attractive contract with 3 years left and 6.8 million in 11-12, 7.2 million 12-13, and 7.7 million in 13-14. With the 13th pick I would target Jimmer as a scoring option off the bench, while he might not start during the regular season his skill set is invaluable to any team that is trying to making a playoff run, which should be the case for the wolves in 2 years ;)

2. Howard, Fran Vazquez, & Trade Exemption(Webster 4.8) - FOR - Love, #2 Pick, Flynn, Pekovic, Webster.

For WOLVES: Its Clear that they give up a lot, but they get a TON! Howard would be the best player to ever put on a Minnesota blue jersey! plus the addition of Rubio's Spanish teammate would give the Wolves an inside presence superior to LA's Pau and Bynum duo.

3. Josh Smith, 2013 ATL 1st Round - FOR - #2 Pick & Webster

For WOLVES: Smith would be amazing to see on the 2 on 1 break with Rubio! Not to mention his defensive presence and shot blocking paired with Love. We can absorb his contract, but i hope they would take Webster to help clear up our forward log jam. The 1st round pick is a bit of a throw in to get the wolves to pull the trigger ( I assume the pick would be in the 17-24 range).

4. Bynum - FOR - #2 Pick, Pekovic, Webster, Hayward

For Wolves: Bynum is young strong and has plenty of playoff experience however he also has plenty of injury concerns. Either way he fills a need has a reasonable contract and still has a ton of All-Star potential.

5. Bogut and #10 Pick - FOR - #2 Pick, Pekovic, Randolph & Hayward

For Wolves: Bogut intently gives us a starting center that can play both ends of the court, as well as being able to run the floor exceptionally well for a big 7 footer. This trade is been dead for some time and now that the bucks traded their pick there is no way this gets resurrected. The big negatives in getting Bogut is his injury history as well as his mammoth contract that will pay him $40 Million over the next 3 years.

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