Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NFL Draft 2010: QB's the Vikings Should Target

1. Andrew Luck, Stanford: 245/349, 70.2%, 28 TD, 7 INT
Positives: Extremely poised, strong arm, accuracy, athleticism, technically sound
Negatives: Needs more experience
Thought: Likely to be the first QB taken off the board

2. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas: 242/364, 66.5%, 30 TD, 11 INT
Positives: Very strong arm, has improved his accuracy and decision making this past season
Negatives: Still needs to improve his touch and accuracy, footwork still a work in progress
Thought: Likely a first round pick

3. Jake Locker, Washington: 165/294, 56.1%, 15 TD, 8 INT (One game to go)
Positives: Great arm strength, good footwork, very mobile and athletic QB who can make plays with his feet, pro style West coast offense
Negatives: Raw as a passer, moves around the pocket too much, tends to look down his primary receiver, limited field vision
Thought:  Probably has the most upside of all QB's in the draft. Likely to go in the top 15.


Andy Dalton, TCU: 194/293, 66.2%, 26 TD, 6 INT
Ricky Stanzi, Iowa: 210/324, 64.8%, 25 TD, 4 INT
Christian Ponder, Florida St: 183/294, 62.2%, 20 TD, 8 INT (One game to go)
Nick Foles, Arizona: 232/340, 68.2%, 16 TD, 7 INT (One game to go)
Pat Devlin, Delaware: N/A
Colin Kaepernick, Nevada: 200/309, 64.7%, 20 TD, 7 INT (One game to go)

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