Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NFL Draft 2011: Early Look At The Vikings Needs

With the Minnesota Vikings currently standing at 3-5 after an overtime victory against the hapless Arizona Cardinals, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the position of needs for the NFL Draft 2011. Although they are still alive to make the playoffs, let's face it: The Vikings simply aren't a very good team and most likely will have a hard time even finishing the season as a .500 team. At this point, the Vikings currently project to select in the top 10 in the upcoming draft, a high spot that could net them a franchise player if they make the right pick.

Team Needs:

: Is Tarvaris Jackson the future of the franchise? It's very unlikely that Jackson will ever turn into a solid starter for the purple and gold at this point. He has been extremely unimpressive so far in his career and it says something when a 41-yr old man with two broken legs and various other injuries is still starting over him. Joe Webb is a nice developmental QB but it will probably take a few more years for him to even be considered a candidate.

: As feared, the Vikings weren't able/willing to get a playmaking safety in the 2010 draft. This is coming to bite them this season as the secondary is consistently getting torched. Madieu Williams is barely adequate as a finesse player, Tyrell Johnson is a complete bust, Hussain Abdullah and Jamarca Sanford are special team players who have no business starting in the NFL. Is anyone really expecting the secondary to hold with these kind of players?

DT: Pat Williams is most likely playing the last season of his career and it has become quite apparent that the Vikings once-stout run defense is only a memory at this point in time. Minnesota needs someone who can take pressure off Kevin Williams. Arguably, most of the Vikings pass rush issues comes from the declining play of Pat Williams.

OL: Center John Sullivan should be upgraded. Bryant McKinnie, 31, is overrated and can be upgraded with a top-of-the-shelf prospect. Phil Loadholt is better suited as an interior offensive lineman.

WR: After the recent Randy Moss debacle as well as the numerous injuries that have ravaged the Vikings WR, the team would be well served to draft a middle-round prospect to develop as a capable 3rd or 4th behind the injury-prone Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin.

Any thoughts or comments on the state of the Vikings?

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