Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wolves Pass the Blount

Mark Blount was waived by the Timberwolves before Monday's Midnight deadline. As a result Blount will be elegible to sign with a new team while retaining playoff eligibility should his new team make it to the post season. As soon as he clears waivers he will be free to sign with any of the remaining 29 teams (cause he cant and won't resign with us).

Blount was reacquired by Minnesota after an offseason trade where the Wolves sent newly acquired Q-Rich to Miami for Blount as cost cutting measure. After the deal was done both Blount and the Wolves front office agreed that Blount was not to report to the team. With a young rebuilding team there was no use for an aging big man. Especially one who struggles to defend in the paint while also being known to set up camp in the corners around the three point line on offense.

The only true value he had was his expiring contract which is about $7,962,000. The wolves were planing on keeping him on the roster but away from the team until after the trade deadline. Hoping that they would be able to trade his contract for additional assets (draft picks).

Now that Mark Blount is likely to fade away into basketball obscurity. As just another below average player that was able to swindle an All-Star type contract from some foolish GM. In the era that will forever be infamous for being a time when money meant more than the game its self, Blount can stand tall knowing that he was one of the best magic bean salesmen of his time!

One more thing, even if you have never heard of Mark Blount before you may have seen him once or twice if you grew up watching Looney Tunes...

Uncanny, I Know!

Even Ricky Davis sees it!

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