Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post-Combine Mock Draft (After FA)

1. Rams : Sam Bradford

2. Lions : Ndamukukong Suh

3. Bucs : Gerald McCoy

4. Skins : Russell Okung

5. Chiefs : Eric Berry

6. Hawks : Bryan Bulaga

7. Browns : C.J. Spiller

8. Radiers : Anthony Davis

9. Bills : Joe Haden

10. Jags : Rolando McClain

Picks 11-30 Coming after the draft!!!


Castor said...

what a lazy ass mock draft, why not make it one pick a day!!!!!!!!!

Oh that gives me an idea. We should have a mock draft where I pick for one team, then you pick for another, wash and repeat

Anonymous said...

Why after the draft? Isn't the whole point of a mock draft to predict the draft?

Castor said...

@ Anon: No offense but I disagree with your choice of using Thorium as material for your home's toilet seats. Given the well-known carcinogenic consequences of long-term exposures to highly radioactive material, I would highly recommend that you consider much safer material that would not jeopardize your families well-being. Nevertheless, if you do choose to go that way, please ensure proper safety measures such as effective containment methods (20 inch thick concrete walls will suffice). Owning a thorium-based toilet seat is not for everyone and only the most diligent homeowner should even consider such a purchase.