Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vikings Season Wrap-Up

Days removed from yet another highly disappointing NFC Championship loss for the Vikings, (the third time in 13 years) I cant help but laugh off my frustrations with the team. Looking back at the season the signs of their eventual collapse were evident in nearly every game, verifying to myself and the whole Purple Pride nation just how foolish our expectations were.

With the schedule gods smiling upon us the Vikings were a lock to start the season with a 6 game win streak. Week 1 the Vikings found themselves in Cleveland, where it was clear that the offense was starting off right where they left off with Peterson running wild for over 180 yrds and 3 TDs. And One Memorable "GET OFF ME FOOL" RUN! . However it was the emergence of Harvin's "just add water" style of play that really got fans excited. As he produced solid numbers playing three different poisons WR, RB, & KR in a game where MN would go on to win 34-20.
Not surprisingly it only took 1 week before Peterson showed us his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde act. Going from ALL DAY with 180 yrds and 3 TDs to ALWAYS DROP with this abomination! Going...GOING...GONE?!? Lions Ball... F*CK!!!!! Looks like that offseason workout regiment of adding 10 Extra pounds REALLY WORKED OUT your quite the wreaking ball! But adding all that weight and extra muscle at the expense of your speed is just STUPID! He's clearly lost that forth gear. Last year there is NO WAY Buchanon chases AD down in the open field after starting off 6 yards behind him while he's in mid-sprint! AD You've basically gone from an H-Back to an H3-Back improving on the opposite qualities that people liked about you. Tell me what was going through your head this offseason? AD's responce : "Hmmm... well I'm a RB with awesome speed so maybe I should get Slower? Brilliant! and my awesome Military Humvee would be so much cooler if shrunken down to a size perfect for soccer moms everywhere! Brilliant!!". Its this kind of thinking that lends itself perfectly for a after school special on the importance of staying off drugs! Fortunately even with Fumble the realization that it was JUST the Lions helped calm me down (A play like that will eventually lose a game for us, but not today) as the Viks still won 27-13.

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